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Distributed Systems Project Management

Distributed Systems Project Management

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Volume 1 in the Series in Distributed Systems Software Engineering.

Most large distributed systems projects today involve so many different technologies that no one is competent in all of them. To help make sense of it all, this ReadyNote outlines the current state of distributed systems software engineering, then provides technicians and managers with methods, practices, and tools adaptable for individual project needs. Much of the material in this ReadyNote applies to managing a wide variety of projects, whether distributed systems or otherwise, so it should also provide value for any managers who are simply looking for a modern perspective on project management.

A complimentary download of the authors Modern Project 2.0 project management toolkit is included with every purchase.

Special note: Instructions for downloading the Modern Project 2.0 project management toolkit are included at the bottom of the copyright page for the ReadyNote, or page 2 of the .pdf.

This is the first volume of the IEEE ReadyNotes Series in Distributed Systems Software Engineering. The series will include:

Volume 1: Distributed Systems Project Management
Volume 2: Distributed Systems Architecture and Specification
Volume 3: Distributed Systems Security Design and Specification
Volume 4: Distributed Systems Design
Volume 5: Distributed Systems Software Implementation and Testing
Volume 6: Distributed Systems Theory

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Distributed Systems Project Management
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