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Distributed System Theory

Distributed System Theory

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Presents the theory on which the Distributed Systems Software Engineering series of ReadyNotes is based.

Being able to reason about distributed systems is helpful whether one is trying to specify their architectures informally or formally. In this volume, Norman Howes presents a mathematical theory of distributed systems to assure readers of Volume 2 and future volumes in this series that the theorems stated in Volume 2 really are provable, complete, consistent, and sound.

This is the sixth volume of the IEEE ReadyNotes Series in Distributed Systems Software Engineering. The series will include:

Volume 1: Distributed Systems Project Management (2009)

Volume 2: Distributed Systems Architecture and Specification (2010)

Volume 3: Distributed Systems Security Design and Specification (forthcoming)

Volume 4: Distributed Systems Design (forthcoming)

Volume 5: Distributed Systems Software Implementation and Testing (forthcoming)

Volume 6: Distributed Systems Theory (2011)

  • Volume 6 in the Series in Distributed Systems Software Engineering.
  • Product Id: RN0000016
  • No. of Pages: 98
Distributed System Theory
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